So many people have bought pictures from me by now… thanks a lot! I feel honoured and I’m happy that the beauty of nature is touching so many hearts. At least some of these people I’d like to mention on this page. And maybe one day in a living room, a practice or a seminar centre you encounter a picture of mine…


San Graf is a wonderful ceremony master… connected, humorous, grounded and heart delighting! Now goldshimmering water is flowing through her practice…


The flower pictures fit in the laboratory of Li cosmetic natural, where it smells of sweet almond oil and rose essences… There the best natural cosmetic is produced I know, with raw materials of highest quality… I consume the products every day.


Sometimes I also give pictures of mine für use on websites. Here one of my favourite waterfall picture on the home of Katharina Graf who offers Tai Ji und Qi Gong among other things.


The bedrooms of the Waldhaus International Seminar Centre are decorated with my fine art prints. And even my postcards can be bought in the nice shop. I have experienced interesting seminars there myself…



The Cinébad was a wellness oasis in Berne where you could lie in the warm pool enjoying films and pictures. For two years a slideshow of my nature photographs was playing on the 10 m wide cinema screen. It was really overwhelming for me to lie under a flower petal bigger than me!

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These pictures here came freshly from printing and I would have liked to keep them for myself. But they came to their place in the living room of my former boss and his wife, where they spread a beautiful atmosphere even to this day.